2020-2021 Events Calendar

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Digital Toolbox 

Our Toolbox newsletter has gone digital. Help us in our effort to go green and check out the newsletter online. Click here to access the November 2020 issue

5P App Demo Video and Demo Account Now Available!

Click here to view the demo video on YouTube

Using the demo account on an iPad:

Download the CCN 5P App from the Apple App Store (iPad only)

Use this email to use the demo account: [email protected]

Use this password to use the demo account: demodemo

Help and Set Up Guide for the New 5P App

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2020 Sales Reporting

Start the year off strong by reporting your sales

Not reporting yet? Contact Troy at 1-800-396-1510

You can start at any time

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The New Knowledge Center 

We are happy to announce the launch of our new Virtual Training Platform and File Vault

The users from our old Knowledge Center will be receiving an invitation email 

Let us know if you need assistance logging into the new platform 

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