Make Your Nominations for the Certified Contractors Network 2020 Wizard Awards


Here’s something to consider: There have been multiple studies done and books written about why employees leave an organization. Always, within the top 5 reasons identified is “the lack of recognition for work accomplished”. One of the easiest ways to recognize excellence is to nominate a person or a company for a Certified Contractors Network 2020 Wizard Award.

Everyone within CCN is able to read each nomination for the individuals and companies nominated. Voting will be done by the Steering Committee members for the “Best of the Best”. Awards are presented at the Richard Kaller Wizard Award dinner held at the CCN Spring Bash Conference. How else can a small business provide international recognition for jobs well done?

The term Wizard was initiated by CCN Founder, Richard Kaller as he encouraged salespeople to “Become the Wizard” in the prospect’s mind for the solution to their home improvement needs. Its popularity among CCN members led to the creation of the “Wizard Awards” to demonstrate skill and accomplishment in a given area.


To make your nominations for the 2020 Wizard Awards:

  1. CLICK HERE to read the descriptions of each category
  2. CLICK HERE to complete the online nomination form or send your written nominations in digital format (MS Word) to [email protected] (CLICK HERE to download application)
  • Nominate someone who deserves recognition in your company for the great work they’ve done!
  • Nominate your company to recognize the great work completed as a team.
  • Return your nominations by February 28, 2021No nominations will be accepted after the deadline!!!
  • Nominations will be published, and voting will be done by the Steering Committee members.
  • Award winners will be announced at the Richard Kaller Wizard Award Dinner at this year’s CCN Spring Bash Conference


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